Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes

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The 100cc Club

- Be a part of it!

We'd like to explain our new funding scheme and detail how you might help us to achieve something truly amazing...

We invite you to join a wide range of sponsors, all making a nominal contribution to our funding plans in order to ensure a first-class service to the NHS Hospitals of Nottinghamshire.

In turn, you’ll be helping us to save lives, helping us to save money for the NHS, and helping premature babies receive the very best start in life, reducing mortality rates and promoting significant benefits for their ongoing health.

Now that's worth being a part of..!


How will it work?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 1

We will seek up to 100 companies

to pledge a minimum of £100 for

us to reach our £10,000 target.

Step 2

You can choose to make an extra

contribution if you feel that you

can afford more than £100.

Step 3

100% of your donation will

go towards the running of

our charity. Guaranteed.

How do you get involved?

It's quite simple...

By purchasing a "Membership" of our 100cc Club, you'll be helping us to make the next step towards the purchase of an additional motorcycle.

Our service is growing rapidly and we'll soon be struggling to meet the demands with our existing fleet, so we're already planning for the inevitable!

Achieving More

This fundraising scheme is intended to generate a significant financial injection into our charity.
We can utilise these combined donations to purchase a new motorcycle, fully liveried, with tax and insurance and still have funds remaining to keep it on the road.
In return, we will publicise your involvement with Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes as a sponsor, both on our website and via our social media pages - Facebook and twitter.
We will also include company logos on display equipment when we attend shows and displays throughout the year.

If you would like to discuss a greater level of sponsorship, we'd be happy to explore every possibility.

Thank you for considering us.

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes