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Could this be the ride of your life?


You'll need to be over 25 years of age and hold a current advanced riding qualification (IAM, ROSPA Gold or ERS) or be trained to an emergency service standard (i.e. Police Class 1).

You must also have no more than 6 penalty points on your driving licence (inclusive of any pending convictions). This must be a full, UNRESTRICTED UK licence.

We can provide advice and guidance to enable you 
to complete your training, so you can still apply if you don't yet have that.

If you're an experienced motorcyclist who can ride safely 
and make good progress, then passing an advanced test should be a doddle.


Ready to give us a go?

4 x YAMAHA FJR 1300s

A modern, fit for purpose fleet.
These bikes are classified as "Type Approved" by the manufacturer, following extensive testing. Heated grips, electronic screen adjustment and cruise control are a few of their many features.

2 x Honda NC750s

Purchased in 2021, these bikes are very light and nimble, although they can still carry heavy loads.
Comfort and reliability, coupled with impressive fuel efficiency, make these great additions to our fleet.


As a donation to our charity, this low-mileage BMW has been given a new lease of life. With the same racking as other bikes in the fleet, it's more than capable of doing everything the young guns can!

You don't need your own bike - as we won't even allow you to use it..!
Riders only use our fleet of fully liveried bikes - all insured, taxed and maintained for you. We even provide the petrol...

How's about that?

When you're on duty for us, you'll collect a bike of your choice and keep it at home, so you'll not lose any time responding to the call from our controllers when they despatch you to a new job.

We have shifts available midweek daytimes, evenings and nights, and weekend daytimes, evenings and nights.


We're flexible too - so if you're prepared to help us, we'll work with you to ensure everyone's happy.

Additionally, advanced riders are also able to drive our cars too - without a separate "car-only" qualification.


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