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Covid-19 - Volunteer Info

Thank you for your interest. We'd like to explain what you can do right now - and also for the future.
We are now operational 24hrs a day - 7 days a week.

We need volunteers, including: Riders - Drivers - Call-handlers - and Fundraisers. However, due to Covid-19 working restrictions, if you wish to ride or drive for us, there may be additional, temporary complications as you might expect, and Fundraising is very limited.

If you can't volunteer right now, you might consider a small donation -  whatever you can safely afford - to help us maintain this service. One-off donations HERE or regular donations HERE.

Regular donations can be Direct Debit or Standing Orders - you remain in control of payments and you can stop at any time.


Volunteer riders and drivers need to be over 25 years of age, hold a current advanced riding / driving qualification
or be trained to an emergency service standard (i.e. Police Class 1).

You must hold a full UK licence and, for bikers, it must be unrestricted. No more than 6 penalty points either.
WE supply fully liveried motorbikes and cars - we only use these, so no personal vehicles are required.

Riders need one of 3 different qualifications: IAM, ROSPA or an ERS 'A' grade pass - or an "emergency" service classification.
Once you have one of these qualifications, you can also DRIVE for us without a separate 'car' qualification.

If you only wish to drive for us, you'll need either an IAM or RoSPA qualification (or emergency services etc).

This is where it currently gets a bit tricky... Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is very unlikely that you will be able to commence this right now. Training providers (both car and motorbike) have suspended their services...

We would really need this BEFORE you complete an application form to join us, so it seems sensible to wait until this has passed, complete the training and then get back in touch.

We also require CALL HANDLERS - often referred to as "controllers" - who help organise our collections and deliveries. 
This is a job that can be done at home or even when you're out and about - we don't operate from a call centre!

Doctor answering phone
Doctor answering phone

All you need is a phone - ideally a landline, but a mobile is OK - and internet access so that you can see our online rota and to make some very simple amends to our live job records. Your physical location is really not that important!

All training for this position is in-house - no previous experience is necessary but, if you have, that's a bonus.

We would normally do our in-house training in a "classroom" setting but clearly that will have to change right now.
If you're prepared to be flexible about this element, then we'll find a way through it.

Doctor answering phone
Doctor answering phone

Fundraising and Promotional work is key to our charity - we survive purely on donations. 
We might not be able to do much during this current scenario, but things WILL improve and we will need to get back out there, raise vital funds to keep our fleet on the road, and to promote the good work we do to a wider audience.

Can't volunteer for us right now? Your country still needs you - become an NHS volunteer HERE

So, what are you waiting for? Apply Online now or contact us for more information!
Again, if you can't help right now, we would be so thankful for any financial support available. See above.