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We don't do call-centres!


Controllers - or call-handlers - are in charge.

Working from home, or on the move if it suits, you'll receive calls from our NHS partners, record the details and then tell our volunteer riders & drivers where to go (in the nicest possible way)!

If you have a confident telephone manner, can keep records of events and don’t easily panic, you could be just the kind of person we are looking for.


You would work from the comfort of your own home, as we direct incoming calls to you via an automated system – meaning your number remains private – and you will be reimbursed for any outbound calls you have to make, if you don't have "minutes" included in your plan.


This is a vital role in ensuring that we provide the NHS with a first class service. You'll get all the training you need, and you would also be allocated a mentor to oversee your first shifts.

We don't just throw you in at the deep end...


We need people to cover all hours – evenings, nights, early mornings, weekends and bank holidays.

The vast majority of calls you would receive are effectively "repeat" requests and very straight forward. In fact, for the most part on your first few shifts, you might only receive 2 or 3 calls in total, such is the level of our "pre-booked" workload.

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