About us

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes was formed in 2013 and is a registered Charity, made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.

The Charity is managed by a Committee, overseeing the effective running of our core services, with many also being Trustees.


Being voluntary however does not mean we are amateurs!


Our service provision to the NHS is every bit as good as any other service they may use, and often, perhaps even better.


Our volunteers undergo regular, documented training, ensuring the safe and effective transportation of vital items such as blood products, patient samples, medical files, surgical equipment, medication and much more.


We provide cover, 24 hours a day, 365 hours a year for our NHS partners.

Without our service, facilities tend to use taxis to cover indiviual requirements outside of core hours, or when there is too much for the vehicles on duty within the NHS to cope with.

If we didn't exist, there would not only be substational cost involved in the use of taxis, but the level of service itself could lead to operational issues.


When a call is made to us, we can dispatch a vehicle immediately, and we've got no other pressing workloads to get through first.

Our volunteers are also highly trained, carry specialist equipment and know the hospital locations and department entry points like a second home.


Our vehicles exist for one reason only

to serve the NHS