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Who are we?

A bit of what we do...

Outside office hours, when their internal courier service is not available, hospitals rely on local taxi companies or couriers to transfer urgently required blood or other medical supplies. This costs the average hospital tens of thousands of pounds.

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes also support the provision of donor breast milk. We collect supplies from the Milk Bank in Chester and deliver them back to hospitals. Click here for more information on the donor breast milk program.

Blood Bike groups like ours undertake this task at no cost to the NHS.

Our highly-trained volunteers, supported by our specially designed equipment and vehicles, underpins the valuable work of the NHS.

We operate from 7pm to 6am Monday to Friday and for 24-hour periods all weekend, come rain or shine.

Although an independent charity, we operate to the very high standards of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes –

If you’d like to know more about helping Nottinghamshire Blood Bike, would like to make a donation or if you are considering becoming a corporate sponsor, then please contact us.